Why are you called Red Tea Detox

When I first made this website I did it with intentions of displaying ads and directing traffic to it so I could make money off of it. It was a very open ended idea and not really well thought out but I think most of my good AND bad ideas start out that way. The very fourth program I stumbled upon for this project was Clickbank. All the other programs had a barrier to entry I couldn’t or didn’t want to get past at the time (money). While they weren’t much to get into I didn’t want to start spending money yet if I could avoid it. Clickbank has a decent affiliate program. This next move I’ll be checking out Amazon’s affiliate program too as I imagine selling more relevant items would just better your conversions on follow through ads.

Anyways, I decided to sell something from the health section on the affiliates page. I chose this because I’ve heard health is the best selling category for marketing. I chose to promote the Red Tea Detox as it had the around the most gravity on the site (meaning more people who click on links buy that product then others) and I liked the way the ads looked as well. To show you an example of an ad I placed an ad to the sell page just like I would have had in a sales blog. Follow it and make me some money;) The creator of this product had a story that I actually thought made it kind of interesting even if I was unsure whether or not it was true. While definitely probably clickbait follow the link up there to see the an example of some beautiful site design. While I didn’t necessarily care for the product as I’m not a big health man myself, I sold this product like this because 1. I wanted to get a product out there and the site up and rolling 2. It was decently cheap with a chance on commissions if I did manage a sale 3. Revert to 1.

Site traffic must be in the 5,000-10,000’s a day ideally to start seeing any sort of good profit. I realized on this the December 8th I’d need to redirect. In order to garner attention you have to offer something of value… To me my best value is me and what I have experienced and learned. So if that has something of value to others then I guess we will see. I believe that achieving progress through sustained attribution of your value to certain key areas is the best safeguard to losses forefeited from overspending, impatience, etc.

I find comfort in seeing where I was vs where I am now. To remind me of this I decided to keep the name as I hope it will eventually become synonymous with my name and the blog.

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