Red Tea Detox

My name is Spencer MacKenzie. I started Red Tea Detox December 7th. I am a young entrepreneur looking to come up in the big wide web. This blog here will serve as a collection of my experiences with finance, gambling,  crypto-currencies and anything to do with money in general. I will try to provide you with facts and clear paths to achieve your financial goals. Basically I believe I can offer the followers of my blog actual value with what I have experienced. If people emulate my success minus the mistakes I made along the way then they will be that better off for it. 

Also in my blog I plan to feature a list of referral links to programs that you can join like I did to make some pretty decent money while sitting on the couch. On top of that I have compiled a list of sites that can help YOU get referral bonuses from these sites. You will have to email me or message me to get these sites. You could exponentially grow your finances with this method.

In the future I may expand the site to allow for amazon affiliate programs or something along those lines. A deal of the day for my site if you will.

If you are looking to start a website, get into dropshipping, talk about betting systems, or make money online I can definitely help you. I surely don’t know everything but I am always willing to learn so if you have anything to offer feel free to contact me.

Spencer Mackenzie

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